About Montro Collectibles

Montro Collectibles revolutionizes the world of watch enthusiasts by providing a platform that offers fractional ownership of coveted timepieces. Our mission is to democratize the high-end watch market and enable a wider audience to experience its allure. Leveraging blockchain technology, we have created a digital counterpart backed by real-world, sought-after watches, making the exclusive world of luxury timepieces more accessible than ever before. With Montro Collectibles, entering the realm of the rarest timepieces is now effortless and hassle-free.

About Montro.com

We're a luxury watch marketplace, backed by brand-authorized retailers and vintage watch specialists.

Our mission is to open up the world of pre-owned luxury watches to everyone, through genuine experiences that run like clockwork.

Whenever you're ready to buy a luxury watch, Montro is your way to pre-owned.


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