How it works

Below you can read how Montro Collectibles works in a nutshell. Please have a look at our DAO Lifecycle page if you're looking for a more in-depth explanation.


Curated by experts

We use historical pricing data and monitor trends to select the most desirable vintage watches. By maintaining a minimum value of $100,000, we guarantee collectors that only rare and desirable vintage watches will be fractionalized. All watches come from brand-accredited retailers.


Co-own a rare timepiece

Montro Collectibles then splits the pre-owned watch into different parts through the creation of a DAO, which mints each part as an asset-backed NFT. As the DAO is owned and governed by its collective owners, buying one or more asset-backed NFTs grants you fractional ownership of the watch itself, and allows you to participate in the DAO.


Vote & hold

Our retail partners will secure the watch in their vault while the asset-backed NFT holders vote on how long to hold onto the watch. During this voted-on duration, you are free to trade or collect new asset-backed NFTs on Montro Collectibles or secondary markets such as OpenSea. You can view your collections in your personalized dashboard on


Claim your share

Once the contract expires, the vintage watch is listed on And in special cases, Montro Collectibles and the DAO can agree to sell the watch at auction. You can redeem your asset-backed NFT for its portion of the sale proceeds in USDC. If desired, you can also choose to retain your NFT as a non-asset-backed artwork collectible.

Patek Philippe Nautilus components image